Online Quran Memorization Course

A praiseworthy principle and practice is learning the whole Quran, memorizing it accurately, and treating it with reverence, devotion, respect, and regard. As the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,

The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others.”


Due to this, students of all races and genders, who wish to memorize the entire Quran or in part, can do so through online Quran memorization classes through this degree program and achieve the highest level of proficiency. Quranic instruction is the responsibility of qualified professional tutors.

As we encourage you to read and memorize the Holy Quran, it does not matter whether you intend to become a memorizer or simply a reader. With Hamil AlQuran the online learning platform, your first step to achieving your online Quran memorization goals will be persistence, attentiveness, devotion, concentration, and diligence.

Expert Teachers For Hifz Quran Online courses

A native Arabic Quran teacher online teaches Tajweed as a method of memorizing the Quran. Tajweed is taught through an experience-based program that has been designed to enhance the learning process.

It takes hard work, effort, and Allah’s help to attain a Hifz Quran certificate and to be able to read the Quran. As for this issue, we have real examples showing how Quran memorization can be accomplished online with qualified teachers in a reasonable amount of time.

How long does it take to become a Hifz Quran online?

In general, it takes our students between two and five years to reach the rank of Hifz Quran classes and complete the whole holy Quran properly course. It is possible for some students to complete their studies earlier than two years. Hence, it is important to clarify that consistency, sincerity, as well as the number of classes taken every week, are the main criteria and conditions for achieving such a goal.

What do you benefit by Memorizing the holy Quran?

  • The Highest rank of Jannah for Qur’an hafiz.
  • Safety of the heart from destruction.
  • The Quran hifz will be in the company of the Noble Angels.
  • Double reward for those who try hard to memorize Quran.
  • Every letter is rewarded 10 times.
  • The highest honor for the Hafiz parents.
  • Safety from the trial of the Dajjal.
  • Intercession on the day of judgment and more.

By enrolling in our Hifz Quran online course at-home program for adults and children, you can begin such a rewarding journey from the comfort of your own home. Feel free to contact us and we will provide you with two free trials.

About online Quran memorization Course

Our aim is to help students know how to memorize Quran during a short period of instruction by online Quran teachers from the best Islamic universities while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

Our online tutor has superior experience in dealing with children and adults, as he makes them know how to Hifz easily and smoothly to have the best way to memorize the holy book, much better than trying to do it alone or being taught by unqualified teachers, which makes it difficult for them to know how to study properly. Hifz Quran classes are one of the most effective ways for students to memorize part or all of the Quran in a short time efficiently, quickly, and easily, and while resting at home.

Who can memorize Quran online sessions?

The greatest gift you can give to someone you love, such as your son, your wife, or a close friend, is to give them the opportunity to learn Quran with Tajweed and encourage them to study it. Enrolling in a motivational memorizing Quran is the most precious gift.

We welcome both children and adults, and we offer special online classes for kids, where all the exercises are in an atmosphere of pleasure, excitement, and memorization to teach children how to read the verses so that they can master it professionally from an early age and eventually fully master them with correct pronunciation and hifz Quran with Tajweed rules.

As a result, our academy pays close attention to the study and offers a unique and diverse range of online teaching for children and adults of all ages and skill levels with the support of dedicated teachers. We take care of all our students. So, we do our best to make it easy for kids and also for adults.

How to Hifz Quran Online?

Through our qualified tutors with Tajweed institute, we have a unique 4-step program to help our students recite and memorize the Quran well.

First the reading phase

The instructor has students read Quran from old memorization as in the previous lesson. This allows teachers to spot and correct with proper guidance mistakes in students’ reading so that they become firmly rooted in their memory. Our certified tutor applies step by step approach for amazing results.

Second The reciting phase

The teacher recites selected surahs, usually short surahs, in the new lessons and masters the holy Qur’an Tajweed rules so that the students can listen, understand and practice the proper pronunciation.

Third Revision phase

After completing the recitation online, the teacher has the student read new verses in the new lesson and then makes him read an old lesson in order to maintain the continuous flow in his mind and the Surahs settle in his mind.

Forth Explanation phase

The teacher explains carefully chosen advanced topics about the full meaning of each new Surah, interprets the verse, and tells the stories and events that are mentioned in it, as the teachings, commandments, taboos, and Goals learned from them.

Why Join This memorizing Quran Course?

Every Muslim on the planet should strive to learn how to memorize the whole Quran and read it. Allah promises those who achieve it, that He will take care of them, and opens every door to success for all good in this world and the next. This is the only way to lead people out of the darkness and into the path’s light.

Recent scientific studies have shown that holy Quran memorization is highly beneficial. As it improves the memory and mental health of those who keep recitation and memorize it regularly. It has a wide range of impacts on a Muslim’s mental and spiritual well-being.

This program is intended to be simple, smooth, and creative to make it easy and desirable for any aspiring person looking for a place to help him achieve his goal of being a keeper of Allah`s Book with love and not to reach by force. This is why we ensure that students are constantly tested, that we inform parents of their children’s grades, that we tell them how they are progressing and that we take great care of them.

Why Join This memorizing Quran Course?

The Quran memorization course Goals

In this course, we will work with our dear students toward 7 goals;

  • First, the Holy Quran is entirely or partially memorized with the proper intonation. “ Tajweed ’’. As we keep you learning Quran Tajweed rules in every lesson.
  • Second, he must comprehend the meaning of every verse and surah that he memorizes or recites. “Tafseer ’’.
  • Third, he will learn the reasons for the revelations from the Quran in verses and surahs he memorizes or recites so that he feels as if he is living with the Quran and according to it. “ Revelations ’’.
  • Fourth, we are constantly working to develop the most effective methods for memorizing the Holy Quran and to develop strategies that are more and more suitable for all students.
  • Fifth, the Quran must be memorized using effective and well-thought-out techniques.
  • Sixth, the teacher helps the student memorize the Holy Quran perfectly without complaints and to gain more and more acceptance of the Quran.
  • Seventh, students must be prepared for a dependable Ijaza in memorizing the Holy Quran in the Academy by one of the most responsible Sheikhs who are fully proficient in complete Quran recitation with Tajweed rules and who have received several major Ijazas.

Why Hamil Alquran Academy?

You may be wondering why to choose us among the many online academies for Quranic teaching. This is because the Hafiz program for children and adults has unique features that set them apart from other online Quran memorization academics.

Here are five characteristics that distinguish us as one of the best academies for keeping us as the best online Quran classes.

Hifz Quran online for Children Of Early Ages

People who learn early learn more easily and effectively than those who learn later, as research and experience have shown. So we are interested in learning Quran for kids.

Hifz Quran online for Children Of Early Ages

Fun & Engaging Atmosphere

This unique tool is essential to teach online Quran, especially for children who are close to our hearts, as it inspires and encourages us to continue to memorize the Quran.

The best-certified Instructors

  • We only accept highly qualified Quran teachers who have received an accredited degree from one of Egypt’s most prestigious Islamic universities to teach the Holy Quran as they are Arabs.
  • They have gained experience and knowledge in this field over many years, and we have accepted and trusted them.
  • They also have certified and reliable degrees in English, which gives us confidence that they will be able to communicate easily with our dear students and provide professional instruction.
  • They have taken science from various scientists who have such great knowledge that we can put our trust in the source of their knowledge.
  • They have passed all the problematic tests required for admission to the Hamil AlQuran Academy with a high rating.

Customized Study Plans

We are always looking for ways to make Quran recitation online studies easier and more enjoyable for the whole family and we do our best to make it happen. One of the best ways to keep yourself distressed is to have a memorization schedule, as we give you the right to measure your own time and consume the right amount for you during the online classes, and get what you need, when you need it, from the right label, anytime, in any situation.

Course Prerequisite

However, to join us, students must be able to read Arabic. For your comfort, so we have the best way to learn Arabic. In our academy, we have an online Arabic course. Some of the best universities have represented our teachers, such as the accredited Al-Azhar University in Egypt. So we have online Arabic tutors who specialize in teaching how to learn Arabic.

Course Structure

Class TypeOne-On-One or Group
Age Level4 – 70 Years old
Course LevelBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
TutorOnline Private tutor
TimetableDepends upon the student’s ability
GenderBoth Male and Female
Quran Memorization Course Course Features

Memorize Quran online sessions Chart (Plan)

Now you can begin your enjoyable journey of having Quran classes and Islamic studies with confidence and faith that we always want the best for you and that this will be done by the most brilliant online Quran tutors.

And just to be sure… You can try us now and receive two free trial class sessions to evaluate your experience.

Plan PeriodPagesVerses
5 years1 page (5 days)3 – 5 V
4 years1 page (4 days)4 – 6 V
3 years1 page (3 days)5 – 7 V
2 years1 page (2 days)5 – 10 V
1 year2 pages (1 day)10 – 20
30 Days20 pages (1 day)1 Juz

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