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Quran Group Class

Group training is possible for students. The second-graders can take part in this Qur’an study group with their friends and family. They will work with a knowledgeable instructor to become proficient in reading and reciting the Qur’an. Students can discuss the material and learn from each other while in a group setting.

Online Quran Group Classes For Kids & Adults

One of the greatest acts of worship and the most beautiful means of drawing closer to God Almighty is reading and reciting the Qur’an. This group’s Quran course will be an introduction to Tajweed and reading the Quran. This course helps women and men start a Quran study company (Halqa) at home and improve the reciting and Tajwid of the Quran. Students who wish to study the Qur’an, Tajweed, Arabic, or Islam studies with family and friends under the direction of a professional instructor will find these courses to be of the highest quality and carefully designed to facilitate and reward small group learning.

About Course

Group training is great for everyone who wants better results. This online group course uses advanced technology and an effective course structure so that teachers can focus on each student. This will enhance your capacity to read the Quran. Learning each Tajweed rule is the first step in completing the Quran. After learning the rules for reciting the Quran, students practice reciting it to improve their skills and help others follow all the rules. This group specializes in teaching proper Quran recitation. The course is taught in English and Arabic. Students can be flexible with their schedules. If you want to take a course at the Academy, you can sign up for the course guide at any time, no matter what time it is. These courses are designed for busy people who can’t do more formal training programs.

Why Join This Course

The Quran must be read with Tajwid every day by all Muslims. Because the Qur’an was written in Arabic, it is a language of great significance. To say the Qur’an correctly, we need to learn Arabic. So, learn the Quran, because the Quran promises that it will be fulfilled on the Day of Judgment. God will reward those who work hard with a higher standing and dignity in this life.

Learning in a group has many advantages:

-Help each other improve their Quranic recitation by supporting each other.

-To improve their performances, students motivate each other to learn and learn faster.

-Participate attentively in class discussions and learn from each other’s mistakes.

-As a group learner, you will be more inclined to remain enthusiastic about your studies.

In this course, students can learn the Quran online from knowledgeable teachers while learning Tajweed and recitation in a digital electronic environment with their friends and family.

Course Outcomes

This is the best course for students who want to learn Tajwid and read the Quran perfectly. This lesson teaches students how to:

  • recite the Qur’an correctly
  • follow the rules of Tajweed.

Course Features

Course Instructors

They are educated in qualified and famous Islamic universities. As a result of its extensive history in the industry, this company has developed its capabilities. Arabic teachers teach bilinguals at a high level. They have learned from many scientists and are well versed in this field. They did some experiments. They were evaluated and held teaching positions for some time.

Customized Study Plans

One of the Special things that set us apart is that we are dedicated to making online learning easier for you, your family, or your friends. We customize your day out as we consider the individual needs of the student.

Course Prerequisite

Students must learn how to read Quran in Arabic.

Course Structure

Class Type: Group Class

Levels: Intermediate & Advanced

Requirements: Quran Recitation & Tajweed Rules

Age: 10 – 70

Islamic Studies For Kids Course

This course covers all the important topics that Muslims need to know about worship. These topics include creeds, jurisprudence, hadith, Islamic history, Tafseer of the Qur’an, morals, manners, and questions. We offer group classes or individual instruction to students of all ages. So students are motivated to study together, which is good for them.

Islamic Studies Online For Kids & Beginners

Are you a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country and are concerned about your children’s Islamic education?

Islamic Online Classes

Islam is the religion that dominates all aspects of human life. It’s deep and beautiful and helps people live better lives. Raising Muslim children in non-Muslim countries is sometimes difficult. Allah Ta’ala knows your struggles in the path of true Islam. As a result, he sent Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to set an example for people. The Prophet and his companions faced many challenges, but God guided them to the right path. This indicates that the person is not willing to give anything. This is due to their choice of “Akhira over Dunya”

What will you choose?

This book is about how to make your life easier by learning more about Islam. It teaches you how to deal with difficult situations, how to raise your children according to Islamic teachings, and how to survive in a non-Muslim country. You can also learn more about Prophet Muhammad and his companions.

About Course

 Online Islamic Courses

Help here provides our Academy with the best online classes for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries, which can assist parents in raising their children following Islamic teachings in a non-Islamic country. Benefit from learning from accomplished experts in the field of Islamic studies with this course. They will assist you in achieving happiness and will set you on the path that leads to success. For people in society to have a better understanding of Islam and its teachings, this class will focus on learning more about Islam and its various aspects. The school aims to provide Islamic education to form a Muslim personality with a solid foundation for understanding and practicing Islam, as well as instilling Islamic values in the hearts of students with the morals and ideals of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the righteous predecessor of this Ummah according to the Quran and the Sunnah.

Study Islam Online

Best Programs To Learn Islamic Studies 

As part of the Islamic Studies program, we teach students a variety of topics that are important to every Muslim, such as:

  • Describes the Prophet’s way of life, as well as the history of Islam (Sirah),
  • Worship forms (Ibadat),
  • Interpretation of the Qur’an (Tafseer),
  • Known traditions and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Hadith),
  • Understanding concepts and issues of modern jurisprudence (Usul Al-Fiqh),
  • The Akhlaq, Duaa, and Adhkar are the manners and ethics of Islam.

Why Take Islamic Studies Course

Take this class to learn more about Islam and how to put its principles into practice in your daily life. In addition, it will help you in several ways:

  • Learn the history of Islam in depth
  • Discover the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his companions
  • Gain a basic understanding of Aqeedah
  • Dispel misconceptions
  • Get to know the Holy Quran better
  • Quran connects you to God
  • Islamic teachings provide solutions to daily problems
  • Ethic and manners of Islam
  • An everyday duaIndications of Salah’s importance
  • Various worship forms
  • Learn about Islam and improve your understanding of it
  • A comprehensive Islamic Religious Education program that provides the fundamentals of Islam in depth and uses the appropriate methods.

* 3 Islamic Studies Programs *

First; One-On-One Tutoring For Kids & Adults

This course is for children and adults. We Organize classes into separate sessions so you can study and talk to your teacher whenever you want. Our Classes include activities, exercises, group studies, media, etc.

Second; Group Class For Kids

when your child can’t even try, you’re as a parent looking to enroll your child in an Islamic class, you’ll want to reconsider. If you want to raise your children with Islamic teachings, it is much easier to do with our classes. Our instructors have extensive training and experience. Now, whether your child is interested in learning about Islam or not, we will help you to make him eager for Islamic studies. Here are some fun activities to help your child enjoy Islam more. When your child takes this class, he can communicate well with others and think analytically. To make their learning enjoyable, divide them into small groups and participate in a variety of activities, competitions, games, and more. Your child can participate with us. Group learning motivates students because they have a common goal.

Third; Islamic Studies For Kids (12 Levels)

This is a course for those who want to learn  all the different topics of Islam. Each level focuses on a different group of key aspects of Islam, including creeds, fiqh, hadith, Islamic history, Qur’anic interpretation, Tafsir, Sirah, and stories of their associates. The levels are beginner, intermediate and advanced. This means you can select courses at the same time and enroll in the next course after finishing the first. The course is divided into 12 levels, from beginner to advanced, and when you are ready, you can proceed to the next level. If you follow our Academy well, you will receive a certificate as a token of your success. If you do very well there, you can get a certificate of Islamic education at our Academy.

Course Outcomes

A beginner-level course to an advanced course is divided into different levels of online Islamic education. In Islamic education, we learn:

  • The Five Pillars of Islam
  • A commitment to Tawhid (Shahadah)
  • A Salat (Prayer)
  • Islamic charity (Zakah)
  • Fasting during Ramadan (sawm)
  • A pilgrimage (Hajj)
  • Tafseer (Quran Interpretation & Understanding)
  • Tafseer’s importance
  • Laws of Islam
  • Quranic virtues
  • Revelation’s causes
  • Understanding the Quran
  • Teachings of the Quran
  • Interpretation of the Quran
  • Translation of the Quran
  • Meanings of the Quran
  • Word-by-word translation of the Quran
  • Revelation’s causes
  • Stories from the Quran

The Tafseer Quran Course for Adults is offered by us

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