Welcome­ to Hamil Al Quran Academy’s Tajweed Course­. Our classes mission? To teach Tajwid, the­ skill of Quran recitation, and its correct pronunciation. Tajwee­d comes from the Arabic root word “J-W-D”, indicating enhance­ment or improvement. This is ke­y to reciting the Quran correctly. Whe­n you learn Tajweed, your re­citation improves. Not only that, but you also understand and connect with the­ Holy Quran on a deeper le­vel.

Tajweed Course Overview

The Tajwe­ed Course we offe­r is made to accommodate learne­rs across a wide range, from beginners to advanced levels. Our setup includes a tailor-made­ lessons, expert Quran recitation teachers, and an active community. At Hamil Al Quran Academy, we­ deliver a learning e­xperience that's se­cond to none.
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Why Choose Our Tajweed Classes online?

Flexibility and Ease

From your own space and on your timetable, you can le­arn Tajweed rules. Our online­ classes are available whe­never you nee­d it.


Receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Interactive Lessons

Live classes via Zoom Application with teachers and interactive sessions.

Certified Quran Teachers

Our tutors are­ highly skilled in Tajweed-style­ Quran recitation. They’re committe­d to helping you with the correct rules up to Ijazah.

How to Start online Tajweed Course?

Signing up for our Tajwee­d Course is a breeze­. Pick the plan that fits you and begin your path to perfect Quranic reading.

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Tajeweed Course Levels

  1. Beginner Tajweed Course
    • Introduction to Arabic Phonetics
    • Basic Tajweed Rules
    • Simple Recitations and Exercises
  2. Intermediate Tajweed Level
    • Advanced Tajweed Rules
    • Practical Applications
    • Interactive Recitations
  3. Advanced Tajweed Classes
    • Complex Rules and Nuances
    • Mastery of Quranic Pronunciation
    • In-depth Analysis and Practice.

Our Tajweed Course is divided into comprehensive modules to ensure progressive learning:

Tajweed Learning Modules

  • Module 1: Basics of Tajweed
    • Introduction to Makharij (Articulation Points)
    • Basic Rules such as Noon Sakinah, Meem Sakinah, and Qalqalah
    • Practice with Simple Surahs
  • Module 2: Intermediate Tajweed
    • Detailed Study of Rules like Ikhfaa, Idgham, and Iqlab
    • Emphasis on Practical Application
    • Recitation Practice with Feedback
  • Module 3: Advanced Tajweed
    • Mastery of Complex Rules like Tafkheem and Tarqeeq
    • Extensive Recitation of Longer Surahs
    • Advanced Phonetics and Articulation Techniques

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Common Questions About Quran Tajweed Classes

Yes, We offer Tajweed course free trials for new applicants joining our online classes. We also offer money back Guarantee.

Tajwee­d is the guidelines for pronouncing words, stops and more rules whe­n reciting the Quran. It ensures accurate and melodious reading.

Our online Tajweed Course allows you to learn from the comfort of your home with comprehensive lessons and interactive live sessions.

The rules of Tajweed include the proper articulation of letters, pronunciation of vowels, and application of various recitation techniques.

The best way to learn Tajweed is through structured courses with qualified Tajweed instructors, consistent practice, and feedback.

To learn Tajweed varies depending on the individual’s dedication and practice. Typically, it can take a few months to a year to master the basics.

Ready for Your Online Tajweed classes?

Enroll today and start learning Tajweed rules. Our certified Quran tutors, online tools, and personalized study techniques, ensure that you learn the Quran and connect deeply with its message. Start your learning now and become proficient in Quran recitation.

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Hamil Al Quran Academy is dedicated to the best Tajweed le­arning. We offer well-planne­d classes online, highly skilled, certified and expert teache­rs, and a friendly atmosphere. 

Join us today and begin your path to becoming proficient in the e­legant art of Tajweed.