Benefits of a Noorani Qaida course

Noorani Qaida is a course that teaches you the Arabic Alphabet and it is beneficial for those who are not native Arabic speakers. It is a useful book for beginners and young people who want to start Quran learning. The Course helps to improve Quran recitation and Tajweed. Noorani Qaida is required for kids before starting Quran learning. Noorani Qaida is helpful for non-native Arabs who cannot pronounce the Arabic accent until they can recognize and pronounce Arabic letters.  you may read what is Noorani Qaida

Overall Noorani Qaida is an important course for the Arabs and Non-Arabs who want to start learning the Quran language and improve the Quran recitation.  

What is the age to start learning Noorani Qaida? 

It is better to start learning Noorani Qaida at the young age of 4 or 5 years but even though there is no fixed age for the child to learn the Noorani Qaida. It’s recommended that students learn Noorani Qaida Course before formally starting Tajweed or reading the Quran because it’s necessary to learn basic Arabic alphabets, sounds, and relevant rules. 

Can we learn Noorani Qaida online?

Because of the technology worldwide, learning Noorani Qaida online would be an enjoyable and suitable experience for many families. 

HamilalQuran Academy has skilled and professional native teachers who will teach students about their Tajweed and pronunciation. so, they work on the correct sound of letters and teach Noorani Qaida with the right Pronunciation.

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How do we read the Quran beautifully?  

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala sent the Quran as the final and last divine message upon Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The Quran was revealed in the Arabic language and Arabic has many qualities. The greatest quality of Arabic is its eloquence and expressiveness. The Quranic language represents the finest version of the Arabic language because of the Unique qualities of Quranic Arabic in its melody and rhythm. 

To read the Quran beautifully you need to:

1- Read short Surahs:

begin with the short Surahs that are easy to memorize and recite. This will help you build confidence and develop your reading gradually.

2- Practice Reading the Quran regularly

Practice can make you perfect in reading the Quran recitation Practice can highly improve you especially when you practice with a proficient tutor.

3- Make yourself a schedule

It’s recommended to Set aside a fixed time every day for Quran learning and stick to it. This will definitely improve your reading skills.

4- learn the meaning of the verses

when you learn the meaning of the verses, you will develop a deeper connection with the Quran and Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala as well and you make the Quran learning more effective. moreover, when you learn the meanings of the verses you will know the proper intonation, the rise, and fall, pauses and stresses in recitation according to the meaning of the verses.

5- Breathing control

Breathing control is important to control your tones according to the verses’ Lengths.

6- Read the Quran with humility:

keeping in mind that you are reading the word of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala will affect you with your humility and therefore your voice.

7- Listen to the Famous sheikhs:

To improve your Quran recitation you will need to listen to the recitation of melodious sheikhs like Mishari Rashid Al Afasi, Abdur Rahman As Sudais, Ra’ad al Kardi, Nasser al Qatami, Al Hosary, Abdelbasset Abdessamad, they are the most famous throughout the globe.

8- Join HamilAlQuran Academy to learn Quran Online:
Technology has made learning much easier. An Online Quran teacher is a person who can correct your mistakes and can test and assess your reading properly.

It is highly recommended to join a good academy to learn the Quran and Noorani Qaida, and HamilAlQuran Academy is the best place to achieve this target!

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