Reflecting on the Quran teachings and how they apply to one’s life

We all face problems in our lives, but some people cast the idea that reflecting on the Quran is the solution. The Qur’an’s final aim is the human being because his troubles are fixed. They are contrary to the social and political issues that can be changed from age to age. Some people have false mindsets that “how can a book sent down hundreds of years ago, which tells the stories and the issues of passed people, find the resolution of one’s current issue and relieve the hearts? And they begin to find other sources and ignore Allah (SWT)’s speech Who created them and knows what is best for them. So they should be reminded of the verse which Allah says in :

“We send down the Quran as a healing and mercy for the believers.”

Surah Al-Isra
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How Quran Helps in Handling our problems?

But what is the best way to benefit from the words of Allah so that we can be relieved and know how to deal with our problems? Allah says

This is a blessed Book which We have revealed to you ˹O Prophet˺ so that they may contemplate its verses, and people of reason may be mindful”

Surah Sad
سورة ص

Allah has sent this book to us to reflect on it. By ‘reflection’ here, we mean to have a deeper look and ask ourselves, “Where is my position from this Ayah? What did I achieve from this Ayah?” We should deal with Quran as if Allah Himself is addressing us directly. The Quran is Allah’s message for you, so we have to give this much more care and show Allah the best of our deeds.

An example of reflecting the Quran verses on ourselves.

When the Prophet (PBUH) and Abu Baker and Omar, May Allah be pleased with them, drank water and ate dates, he said: “This is from the blessings that you will be asked about on Judgment Day.”, so you should be grateful and thank God for every single thing you have and don’t use it as a means to commit sins, instead make the best use of it to benefit yourself and other people around you. Here, the Prophet (PBUH) considered the water and dates as forms of pleasure that we will be asked about, he didn’t think that when Allah says

“Then you will surely be asked that Day about pleasure

Surah At-Takathur
سورة التكاثر

He meant this class of people who live in castles and eat whatever they want, no, he applied It to himself.

The forethought on Quran teachings.

Then the next step is forethought, which means to make sure that you will not commit what the sinners had done as you have seen the consequences of their deeds, also you will approach doing what Allah loves or what Allah orders you to seek the love and mercy of Him. For instance, the Sahabi Arrabie Ibn Khaitham ordered his wife to give the poor people sugar because he loves sugar; applying the verse that says

You will never achieve righteousness until you donate some of what you cherish”

Surah Ali ‘Imran
سورة آل عمران

He understood this verse and extracted the practical order from it, which is giving people what he loves, and then he thought about the consequences of his deed which is gaining the reward of sincere piety, then he searched rapidly for what he loved to extend, by this way he made the best use of the Ayah.

What can hold you back from reflecting on the Quran’s teachings?

To approach the Quran as a critic not as a seeker will prevent you from asking for guidance from the Quran and as a result, it will block you from applying what Allah wants from you. To have the attitude of “that does not make any sense to me”. and to think that your understanding of the words of Allah is superior to anyone. That critical mentality attacks the verses of the Quran not trying to truly understand it and apply what God ordered you to do.

Moreover, to have the mindset “that religion is so restrictive. If I followed its orders, it will change me into a harsh person”. This is a dangerous problem that many Muslims have. That they are afraid of being more religious and being closer to the Quran and trying to understand it because he sees the religious people and the scholars are always angry and they always talk about Hell and how Allah will torture you if you commit any sin. They do not talk about Allah’s mercy and forgiveness and as a matter of effect, this will prevent a lot of people to approach reflecting on the Qur’an.

Some prerequisites we should have to reflect on the Quran.

Everybody was born with some decency, for example, gratitude, thinking, and patience which is called in Islam ‘Fetrah’ and it does not relate to being a Muslim or not. It is something Allah created you with which helps you to accept and seek the guidance of the Quran and to reflect it on yourself as a result. So the environment, such as the open-minded mindset of the western world, in which Muslims live may have bad effects on them and thus their hearts to approach the Quran teachings.

To have a sincere intention to accompany the Quran and learn its teachings and apply it may seem hard if obstacles come out in your way of reflection. Sincerity can be discovered in yourself when you are truly determined to acknowledge what Allah loves and apply it as soon as you know it, just for the sake of Allah no matter how difficult this is to you, you will always be patient and do your best to please Allah (SWT).


In closing, what Allah wants us to pursue in life, is to Live the Quran, asking His mercy and pleasure by obeying him and intending not to commit the same sins of the people that were tortured by Allah and who were taken as a warning to us. The final objective of the Qur’an is not to memorize its words without understanding or implementing what Allah created us to accomplish. May Allah make us from those people who listen to the words of Allah and follow the best of them. Apply now to Islamic studies courses by Hamil Alquran Academy

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