Affordable Arabic Language Learning for Kids Made Easy

Parents always seek to teach their kids languages, you may find the kid mastering one, two, or three languages. This is wonderful, but what do you think about adding to these languages one of the greatest languages, which is Arabic, the language of the Holy Quran? Finding an Arabic Language course that can deal with your child is a real challenge, and we are exploring how to make the Arabic language learning for kids easier and possible.

Why Arabic language learning for kids is important?

The Arabic language has a very great position as God chose it to be the language of the Quran. As well God Almighty chose it to be the language of Islamic worship and rituals, it is the language in which we pray the five daily prayers, as it is the language of supplication in Umrah and Hajj, and other supplications and remembrances that Muslims repeat. Arabic is also the language of the noble hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Therefore, learning the Arabic language has a great role in the Muslim’s understanding of many issues of his Islamic religion and helps him to strengthen his relationship with his Lord through recitation and memorizing the Holy Quran, understanding its meanings and words, and understanding the hadiths of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. Therefore, learning the Arabic language with the intention of understanding the Islamic religion and drawing closer to God is a very great matter, and its doer will be rewarded for it, God willing. The Sheikh of Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, may God have mercy on him, said that learning the Arabic language from the religion, as Imam Al-Shafi’i said, “Every Muslim must learn from the Arabic tongue as much as he can so that he testifies with it that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger.”

Therefore, in the interest of the Hamil Al Quran Academy to participate in this wonderful work, they have designed courses specially designed for kids to teach them the Arabic language. Let us explore more about the characteristics of these courses in the coming lines.

Affordable Arabic Language Learning for Kids  Made Easy

Features and Steps of Arabic language courses for Kids 

1- Understanding the Basics

At this level, our Arabic tutors give our kids a general idea of the basics of the Arabic language. The tutors explain in a simple way the most important basics of grammar and spelling are explained to be as a prelude to the following stages. Where the Arabic language is taught in Hamil Al Quran courses to our lovely kids according to a carefully laid plan that enables them to gradually learn the Arabic language with grace and mastery.

2- Grammar and Vocabulary Development

The Arabic kid’s courses of Hamil Quran include two types of grammar: grammar rules and spelling rules. Grammar rules are rules that specify the function of each word in the Arabic sentence, its syntax, and the endings of words. spelling rules focus on the most important spelling skills to write words with their full letters properly to develop the writing skill and the reading skill of kids.

The kids are also trained to read and write many familiar Arabic words, which increases the child’s linguistic output.

The kid is also trained to link the Arabic letters and words so that he can read an Arabic sentence correctly. He is also trained to employ them in linguistic communication skills through practical training in reading and practical conversation so that these rules have real meaning for the child and he can apply them practically.

3- Repetition and Memorization Techniques

Repetition is an important thing in learning anything new so that the brain can absorb and store it better, especially in the case of teaching kids. as they rely heavily on receiving and repetition.

This was taken into account when designing Arabic language courses for kids in Hamil Al Quran Academy, where the teachers of the Hamil Al Quran repeat the information to their kids so that they can absorb and memorize it to a large extent.

4- Learning with Music and Rhymes

The tutors of the Hamil Al Quran are all experienced and highly qualified. They studied at the highest universities such as Al-Azhar University and the Islamic University in Madinah. They have gained great experience during their teaching of the Arabic language. The teachers of Hamil Al Quran put their expertise into designing highly qualified courses to teach Arabic to kids. Where certain techniques were designed that help kids memorize and absorb information quickly and contribute to retaining information in long-term memory. The teachers of Hamil Al Quran also use methods to facilitate the studying of Arabic such as using Music, Rhymes, and stories.

As memory stores information better when memorized using such methods. It contributes to installing information and not forgetting it.

5- Writing Exercises for Kids

Exercises are designed for children to apply what they have learned during each session. These exercises carry an aspect of entertainment as well as education so that they are attractive to children. They are specially designed to suit children’s minds so that they learn the Arabic language with pleasure and comfort without getting bored.

6- Conversational Practice

Learning Arabic and any language, in general, should not be limited to receiving information in theory only. Rather, practical conversations have a great role in learning the Arabic language. where the student applies what he learned in a practical way, which makes him master the Arabic language. So there are conversational exercises that are constantly done to confirm what the kid has studied and enable him to speak Arabic with others later.

7- Tips for Building Confidence

One of the challenges facing those who learn the Arabic language, especially kids and beginners, is the lack of self-confidence, as the student feels that the language is difficult and that he is unable to learn it. Indeed, the Arabic language is a rich language that contains many aspects. You may find some saying that learning Arabic is difficult and takes great effort. However, this is not true as the subject depends a lot on the way the Arabic language is taught and the teacher who teaches it. The teachers of the Hamil Al Quran, in addition to their high experience, are characterized by friendliness and smoothness. Where their role is not limited to providing educational material only to support the child’s psyche. Our tutors are carefully selected and trained to deal with children in a professional manner that achieves the highest results. Among the foundations that our educational process guarantees are building self-confidence among kids throughout the course of learning the Arabic language, as kids are constantly supported and encouraged so that they can trust themselves and accept learning Arabic with passion and love without worry or boredom.

8- Games to Make Learning Fun

Arabic courses for kids are certainly different from any other category, and since we believe in specialization, the Hamel Quran courses for teaching the Arabic language have been developed with great care in order to suit our kids and achieve excellent results in their learning of Arabic. Therefore, we have a team of professional designers who design games that help children learn the Arabic language. These games help present information in a fun and attractive way, which ensures that information reaches children in an interesting way and also encourages them to complete the study and educational curricula assigned to them during the course.

9- Additional Resources for Parents

Certainly, kids need follow-up from parents in order for the educational process to be at the best level. In the interest of Hamil Al Quran to facilitate the task of parents, it provides them with educational materials for the content of the course in the form of written and audio content. So that they are familiar with everything that kids learn during the course. It also provides them with resources that they can refer to at any time to verify or inquire about any information. In addition, they are with them at any time, which allows them to study for their kids anywhere, whether at home, while traveling, or anywhere.

10- Engaging in a Virtual Community

The fact that the course is online does not mean that the kid will only be in front of a solid screen without interaction. This is not true at all, as all of our courses are life and allow kids to interact. and the sessions have a great atmosphere of vitality and interaction. The kids are allowed to inquire about anything related to the content of the course within the session, so the kids will be in a virtual interactive environment as if they are in a real lesson. This is a very important key factor for kids, especially since kids need to get their attention constantly so that they don’t lose focus or get bored.

11- Motivation Strategies

As we mentioned, the course is designed for kids, and since they always need encouragement, teachers of the Hamil Al Quran follow encouraging methods to motivate students, such as competitions, rewards, and other methods that help motivate children to learn and study well.


In this article, we have discussed the Hamil Al Quran courses for teaching Arabic to kids. We have discussed some aspects and advantages of the Hamil Al Quran courses for the Arabic language. But there is certainly still a lot that you did not know yet! Fortunately, the Hamil Al Quran Academy allows you to discover more about its course and enjoy a real experience of the course for free without any costs. Through the free trial, you do not have much to do. Just take advantage of this opportunity and click on the free trial to discover more about the Hamil Al Quran courses for kids.

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