Best Way to Learn Arabic Expert Advice and Proven Strategies

The Arabic language is not like any other language that any of us learns, but it is the language of the Holy Quran, and striving to learn it in order to understand the Holy Quran and Islamic sciences is a praiseworthy work for which its owner will be rewarded by God Almighty.

Why Learn the Arabic Language?

The Arabic language is not just any communicative language that humans use to communicate with each other, but rather it is a divine language, as it is the language of the two main sources of legislation in Islam, which are the Quran and Hadith. Learning the Arabic language has many benefits. Spreading the Arabic language that God has chosen over all other languages, facilitates the introduction of Islam and the Noble Quran to other cultures and peoples. The ability to memorize the Noble Quran, understand it, teach it, act upon its rulings, understand the noble Prophet’s hadith, spread Islamic sciences and legal culture, and understand the Islamic religion. Importance, and studying it, helps to understand the legal texts, Obtain the reward and reward from God, because this is because every piece of knowledge that is related to the Quran and Sunnah is a good deed, and the teacher and the learner are rewarded. Avoiding linguistic errors in understanding religion As the correct linguistic understanding of religious texts prevents misunderstanding. Since we are your partners in your journey to learn and master Arabic, we have conducted our comprehensive research to provide you with the most important tips about the Best Way to Learn Arabic Expert Advice and Proven Strategies, let’s go.

Best Way to Learn Arabic

Best Way to Learn Arabic Online Resources and Tools

One of the most important advantages and benefits of technological progress in the field of communications is that education has become available to everyone at any time and anywhere on Earth. With only a laptop and an internet connection, you can attend live educational lessons that are broadcast in the same second in the far east countries while you are sitting in your home Comfortably on your couch in the far west!!

There are many sources for learning the Arabic language online, which we will all mention in the coming lines. The reliable virtual academies and institutes that offer courses in teaching the Arabic language are considered the best sources for learning the Arabic language online. As there is an approved curriculum that is taught to students regularly.

Another important advantage of learning the Arabic language in virtual academies and institutes is that you will also have a teacher who follows your level step by step, and most importantly, you can get a quick answer to any inquiries or obstacles you face while learning the Arabic language, which saves you a lot of time and effort. Hamil Al Quran Academy is one of the best academies for teaching the Holy Quran and the Arabic language to non-native speakers online. They make every effort to provide the best services to their students so that they master the Arabic language. The Hamil Al Quran Academy has many advantages that make it the right choice to learn the Arabic language, including the following:

Experienced teachers 

The Hamil Al Quran has a group of the most skilled and expert teachers who have studied the Arabic language and mastered its sciences as it should be. All teachers speak Arabic as their mother tongue, and most of them are graduates of major universities such as Al-Azhar University in Cairo and the Islamic University in Medina. In addition, they have extensive experience in teaching the Arabic language and its sciences with the latest educational methods and technologies. Therefore, you will find a skilled and experienced teacher who will take your hand step by step in your journey to learning the Arabic language. The teachers of the Hamil Al Quran are characterized by a friendly and smooth nature. They are carefully selected based on several important criteria, the most important of which are experience, competence, ability to communicate information efficiently, and good and friendly nature.

Therefore, with the Hamil Al Quran, you will be reassured about the guarantee of obtaining a qualified teacher, as we have burdened you with choosing the teacher. You only have to join our courses and enjoy the Arabic language teaching sessions with our teacher.

The good thing is also that there are female teachers for the sisters to meet the sisters’ desires to have female teachers who can deal with them more comfortable and friendly.

All classes are live

It is important that there is some level of interaction and the ability to communicate well between the student and his teacher. So the Hamil Al Quran has kept this point in mind. As all classes are broadcast live with audio and video through well-known chat programs such as Zoom and Skype. Even the lessons are explained to the students live so that there is a great degree of interaction and participation between the students and the teacher. The teacher is also able to assess the students’ understanding of what has been explained. Even if there is a part that is incomprehensible to the student, the teacher repeats it again to the student, just as if the session was actually taught in a real school.

Courses suitable for all levels

Any person, regardless of his level, can join the courses of the Hamil Al Quran. The Hamil Al Quran offers courses to teach the Arabic language for all levels, starting from beginners, even if they are elderly, or children, to proficient ones. A test is taken to determine the level of the student at the beginning, and then the appropriate level to which he must join is determined.

Educational resources for students

The Hamil Al Quran provides downloadable educational resources in the form of written, audio, and video resources prepared by teachers for their students. So that students can refer to it at any time and study it anywhere.

Reasonable costs

The Hamil Al Quran appreciates all financial levels, so it offers its courses at reasonable costs that are not exorbitant in order to suit all levels and everyone can learn the Arabic language without incurring hard financial burdens.

Fortunately, you can now have a real experience of the Hamil Al Quran courses through the free trial. you can now attend an actual lesson with a teacher from Hamil Al Quran teachers to discover more for yourself. All of the foregoing is theoretical and indeed true, but you have the right to verify yourself practically through the free trial. Do not hesitate and take the initiative to take the free trial, it will not cost you anything.

Case by case 

The degree and intensity of the course are determined based on the condition and capacity of each student. Since there is a large number of curricula, the matter is not solid and complicated. However, the course curriculum is graded based on the student’s absorptive capacity until the Arabic language is mastered comfortably.

Suitable for all conditions

We all know that we all have endless concerns and responsibilities. By the grace of God, we find that there are many who have important work and responsibilities and wish to join our learning the Arabic language course. Therefore, in appreciation of the Hamil Al Quran, to the conditions for those who want to learn Arabic. The course dates, number of classes, and their intensity are determined based on the student’s circumstances and time.

Finding a Tutor or Teacher

Unfortunately, there are some false rumors about the difficulty of learning the Arabic language. However, this is not true, as the defect could be in the method of education and not in the language itself. So learning the Arabic language at the hands of an expert teacher who is well qualified to teach the Arabic language is one of the most important key factors in learning the Arabic language smoothly with proficiency. Therefore, care must be taken to choose a skilled teacher to learn from. As we mentioned, you can take the free trial to discover more about the Hamil Al Quran teachers practically.

Learning Styles and Techniques

There are many methods of learning and each person will find himself inclined to a particular method. Some learn the language by listening, some by practicing, some by writing, and so on. There are also different techniques for learning. You can discover this yourself or join the courses of the Hamil Al Quran to teach the Arabic language, and they will take over the task for you. Because they have already studied these techniques and will test you to find the best method for you.

Study Plans and Schedules

Certainly, adherence to a specific plan and schedule will be a very important factor in learning Arabic quickly. It ensures that the time is organized and the appropriate period is determined for learning at each level.

Building Vocabulary

You can follow social media pages in Arabic, watch TV programs in Arabic, and watch movies and series in classical Arabic. Read books and stories in Arabic. All of this will increase your vocabulary.

Mastering Grammar Rules

The best thing to master the rules of grammar is to read the Holy Quran frequently and memorize it if possible. As the texts of the Holy Quran are considered a practical application of the rules of Arabic grammar because the rules of Arabic grammar were derived mainly from the Holy Quran.

Reading Comprehension Strategies

There are many modern strategies that help increase the effectiveness of reading so that the learner gets the greatest amount of understanding and comprehension. Some images and symbols are used that enhance understanding of written texts.

Reading comprehension strategies include:

  1. Expectations through the image and title.
  2. Prediction by reading the text.
  3. Expectations while reading the text.
  4. Direct and indirect questions.
  5. Summary.
  6. Self-monitoring.
  7. Story map.
The Arabic language

Writing in Arabic

You can apply what you learn from Arabic words practically by writing to consolidate what you learn. As it is a good way to practice the Arabic language so as not to forget what has been studied.

Improving Pronunciation Skills

You can improve your Arabic pronunciation by listening to the Holy Quran. Hearing the letters of the Quran read with tajweed is the best way to learn the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters. The Noble Quran is the elegant and finest Arabic speech.

Tips to Stay Motivated

Seek help from God before anything, and always remember your goals behind learning the Arabic language, as this will be your motivation to resist boredom or fatigue while learning Arabic. If your goal is to learn the Arabic language in order to get a job, remember it always so that you remain motivated to study the Arabic language. If your goal in learning the Arabic language is to learn the Noble Quran and Islamic sciences, what a lofty and elegant goal. So always remember that every toil or effort you make is for the sake of getting closer to God, and God will reward you for it with the best reward, God willing.

Cultural Aspects of the Language

You can learn about Arab culture to discover Cultural Aspects of the Arabic language. This will help you to understand and master the Arabic language more.

Assessing Progress

You must evaluate the extent of your progress in learning the Arabic language, in order to stand on your exact level and address any mistakes or defects in what you have learned before. Hiring a qualified teacher will make the task much easier for you.


We discussed in this article the Best Way to Learn Arabic Expert Advice and Proven Strategies. We provided the most important tips on how to learn and master the Arabic language. The most important of which is joining an academy to teach the Arabic language online, such as Hamil Al Quran Academy for teaching the Holy Quran and the Arabic language. In addition to some other factors, such as using some applications to teach Arabic, some YouTube channels, Studying according to accurate Plans and Schedules, continuously building Arabic Vocabulary and 

Mastering Grammar Rules through continuous listening and reciting the Holy Quran.

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