Arabic Courses for Kids: Fun and Effective Language Learning

One of the greatest investments in your child is learning the Arabic language by enrolling in Arabic Courses for Kids, as it is the language of the two main sources of Islamic law, the Holy Quran and the noble Prophet’s Sunnah. Therefore, your keenness to teach your child the Arabic language is tantamount to qualifying him to truly understand his religion. The Arabic language will also be a wide door for forming new friendships and relationships with others. As the Arabic language occupies the fourth place among the most spoken languages by humans around the world. So it has become on the list of the most learned languages. And because the best age for learning is a young age, where children at this age have a high ability to absorb information, it is good to take advantage of this opportunity and start teaching your kid Arabic now, and in order, for you to understand more the importance of the Arabic language for kids, we will present to you in the coming lines an overview About the benefits of learning the Arabic language for children, as well as an overview of the courses of the Hamil Al Quran Academy for teaching the Arabic language to kids, please follow us.

Arabic Courses for Kids

Definition of Language Learning

Firstly, let us know about the meaning of Learning a language. Learning a language means acquiring the ability to understand and comprehend the language, its texts, and its speech. It also means getting the ability to form words and sentences and the ability to communicate with others. Learning a language may take some time, but it is one of the most important skills that an individual must acquire, especially if it is an important language such as Arabic.

Benefits of Learning Arabic for Kids

The benefits of learning the Arabic language for your kids are limitless, as the Arabic language is a rich and powerful language that gives strength to those who speak it so that they increase in strength and confidence. As it is the language of the Noble Quran, the greatest book of all time. The benefits of teaching the Arabic language to kids include the following:

Understanding the Holy Quran

The Arabic language is the language of the Holy Quran, and as we know, the Holy Quran is full of vocabulary and meanings, and each meaning of them has a purpose that God Almighty wants us to understand and assimilate. So teaching the Arabic language to our children is the first step that enables them to read, ponder and understand the Quran, the teachings of the Islamic religion, and the provisions of Sharia. Therefore, we must strive to learn the Arabic language, young and old, as it represents a major part of our understanding of our religion.

Understanding the hadiths

God honored the Arabic language by making it the language of the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers, our master Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace. The hadiths of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, are all in Arabic, so learning the Arabic language will enable kids to understand the honorable prophetic Sunnah and know more about the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace.

Understanding Islamic heritage

The Arabic language enables your child to learn about the Islamic heritage, starting from the times of the Companions of our Holy Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, passing through the followers, jurists, and scholars.

Motivate the child to love reading

Learning the Arabic language develops your child’s skills and expands his understanding. As it enables him to read in Arabic, which allows him to know different cultures and learn about different sciences, which opens up new horizons of knowledge for him.

What to Look for in an Arabic Course for Kids?

Teaching the Arabic language to children requires some things in order for it to be easy and rewarding for our children. Some of the important factors that must be available in Arabic language courses for children include the following:

Different Types of Learning Materials

The method of teaching the Arabic language to kids differs from that of adults. So it will be required to design curricula and materials that suit the method of teaching children. The Hamil Al Quran provides various materials and resources for teaching the Arabic language to kids, all of which are designed to provide your kids with the greatest benefit. The materials are in the form of written books, audio resources, and videos. All of them are downloadable so you can always have them with you.

Online Options

With the tremendous technological progress that we have reached, There is no longer any obstacle to learning anything at any time in any place.

Therefore, the Hamil Al Quran allows you to teach your child the Arabic language while you are in your place comfortably without the need to join schools or academies that require your child to adhere to specific dates and mobility. They completely relieve you from bearing the burdens of expenses related to your child leaving the house, such as transportation expenses and personal expenses. The Hamil Al Quran will enable you to teach your child the Arabic language while he is sitting at home at times convenient for you. The times and dates of Arabic language class sessions are determined based on the desire of the student and his family.

The excellent thing is that all sessions are live, which creates an atmosphere of interaction and vitality as if the class takes place in real sessions where the kids and their teacher are in the same place and not through screens.

Finding an Instructor

Children need male and female teachers who have patience and experience in dealing with this age. Which is what the Hamil Al Quran provides for your kids. Hamil Al Quran has a great number of expert teachers who have studied the Arabic language and mastered it in the largest universities, such as Al-Azhar University and the Islamic University in Medina. In addition, they are highly qualified and efficient in dealing with children, delivering information to them smoothly, and helping them master the Arabic language.

Engaging Activities and Games

Entertaining learning is a wonderful method for teaching kids. Therefore, designing educational programs that include games and activities for children represents a key factor that attracts children and motivates them to learn the Arabic language. The Hamil Al Quran Academy has been keen to include games and activities within its course for teaching the Arabic language to kids in order to encourage them to learn and break the barrier of boredom and difficulty.

Classes Versus Self-Study

In addition to the educational material that the kids receive in the session. They must have a part that allows them to self-learn that is appropriate for their age. so it is good that there are some tasks that the student researches on his own or with the help of his parents in order to develop self-learning skills.

Ways to Accelerate Learning

One of the most important benefits of learning in a course is that your kid receives great experience and effort made by teachers and course designers over many years in sessions that take place within minutes. As teachers transfer their experiences to children and provide them with the most important tips on accelerating learning and mastering it at the same time. So this saves a lot of effort and Hardship for both parents and children.

Overcoming Challenges

As we mentioned, the expert teacher has a great role in facilitating the process of learning the Arabic language. He went through many children and dealt with many personality types, and he also knows the difficult points for children in learning the Arabic language. So he will serve to help children to overcome any challenges they face during Learn Arabic.

Tips for Parents

Certainly, teaching the Arabic language to kids takes place under the supervision and follow-up of parents. So  Hamil Al Quran takes this into consideration well, as it provides parents with the most important tips that help them follow their children well while learning Arabic.

Assessing Progress

Periodic assessments are made to determine the level of students and to ensure that they get the maximum benefit. Based on this, the level of students is determined to follow up on their progress and to develop plans to raise the level of any student who did not achieve satisfactory results.

Keeping Children Motivated

Children get bored quickly, so they must be constantly stimulated and energized. There are many methods that help keep children motivated, such as holding competitions and giving rewards.

Preparing for Exams

Students are prepared for exams, as exams are held at the end of each level. A comprehensive review is made, and students are given an opportunity to inquire about any questions or request a re-explainment of a specific part they did not understand well.


In this article, we discussed the Arabic language courses for kids. So we gave a definition at the beginning of learning languages, and we also touched on explaining some of the benefits of learning the Arabic language. In addition to that, we explained some important points that must be available in the Arabic language courses for children.

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